What Makes Me Happy?

Jan 22


What makes me happy graphic vs2


What makes you happy? Let me know!

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Why Try Fit in?

Jan 19

Why stay in the lines when you’d rather draw big?
Why dress like a dog when you’re really a pig?
Why put on a smile when you’re grouchy as hell?
Why keep a secret when you’d much rather tell?
Why polish your shoes when you’d rather go bare?
Why shave both your legs when you’d rather grow hair?
Why muzzle your mouth when you want to be heard?
Why marry a stud when you wanted a nerd?
Why paint black and white when you’ve color to share?
Why act like you’re shy when you want them to stare?
Why whisper so low when you’d much rather shout?
Why try fit in when you’d rather stand out?

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See more of Marilyn Huerta’s amazing art. 

Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl


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No One Spoke of Her Car

Jan 17

I went to a memorial,
And to my strange surprise,
No one spoke of her car,
Or the size of her thighs.
summer sunset 
Nobody ever spoke,
Of her bright diamond ring,
Or her toil at the office,
Not a bit, not a thing.
Nobody ever spoke,
Of her lovely new dishes,
Or her brand new carpet,
Or her oriental fishes.
Nobody even spoke,
Of the size of her home,
Or the size of her checkbook,
Or her gold-plated phone.
None of that mattered,
Not one little bit,
We remembered her smile,
And her sweet loving wit.
We spoke of her kindness,
And the friends that she made,
We spoke of her courage,
Living life unafraid.
We spoke of her humor,
And that in-fectious smile,
And never a reference,
To her wardrobe or style.
All that time at the office,
Or the size of your boat,
They matter no more,
Than the words I just wrote.
The one thing that matters,
Looking down from above,
Is how we’re remembered,
For our kindness and love.
What I know…
I had the pleasure of getting to know a very inspiring woman recently. She was in the process of fighting a second round of cancer. But this time she knew she would not win. She had come to peace with the inevitable. Her name is Lynne Austin from Vista, California. As part of my job at The Cal State University Institute for Palliative Care I was charged with the responsibility of documenting her experience of end-of-life decisions and the process of palliative care on video.
This documentation would be a teaching tool for students studying this difficult topic. I worked with a doctor who specializes in end-of-life care and we both took time interviewing Lynne about her life and her thoughts about dying. It was a very moving experience. Shortly after that she made her transition and I attended her memorial. Lynne had planned out everything for that event and it was simply – beautiful. I was so inspired by the outpouring of love for this amazing person that I had to write what really struck me the most.
Of all of her accomplishments, the biggest one seemed to be love. She gave it. She received it. Nothing was said of the material things we all focus on in our daily lives. Nothing was said of her financial wealth, the size of her home or the scope of her portfolio. So, this is what I wrote. Let me know your thoughts…

Copyright 2014  Steve Dahl

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No One Wants to Hug me

Jan 15

No one wants to touch me,
They’re afraid I will break,
No one wants to hug me,
How much can I take?
 Robot gal reversed
Getting older is lonely,
All my friends dying fast,
Mom and dad are long gone,
How long can I last?
But what if I had a robot?
That was warm to the touch,
A robot I could talk to,
And play checkers and such.
What if I had a robot?
Who would laugh at my jokes,
And would act like my friend,
And light up my smokes.
What if I had a robot?
A companion for life,
I wouldn’t be so lonely…
Not exactly a wife.
At least with my robot,
I wouldn’t be alone,
With nothing to do,
In my prison called home.
At least she would listen,
To my stories of past,
And she’d never get bored,
Or leave way too fast.
Medicine might help me,
Live a decade or two,
Robot woman
But why would I want to?
Being lonely and blue.
A robot for my partner,
When I’m 72,
Might seem kind of awkward,
For a youngster like you.
You have a great future,
 I can only look back,
You have dreams and new people,
I have doctors and crap.
I have nothing to live for,
Sitting here all alone,
But a kind-hearted robot,
Could brighten my home!
So while you may forget me,
My robot will not,
She’ll be programmed to stay here,
And listen a lot!
No, she won’t do my dishes,
But I’m sure she’ll succeed,
At curing my loneliness,
And that’s all I need!

Sadly, this poetic piece on the downside of aging combined with the upside of robotic technology was inspired by a real event I heard on live talk radio one night. The announcer was talking about the movie “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. An older gentleman called in and explained that he would rather be dead than grow old being all alone.

He said his house was a prison and that even though modern medicine could help him live another decade or two, why would he want to? And then he said that if there was a robot to keep him companion, he would love that!

Even though he admitted it would be a clearly artificial relationship, he said it would be better than the pain of loneliness. Wow. Sad. But maybe there is a place for robots we haven’t really explored that much! Or maybe we should just re-commit to spending more time with those who are lonely.

I would encourage you to read this one out loud.

Let me know your thoughts!  Steve

© Copyright 2014 Steve Dahl

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Releasing a Predator – Lion or Douglas Badger

Jan 12

My thoughts on releasing repeat offending sexual predators: The sexual predator that is about to be released in San Diego will follow a very expected course. I am a very forgiving person but I’m not stupid. Sometimes bad DNA takes over a person’s behavior and the only way to help that person is to confine that person. Not unlike the wild animal who has DNA designed to kill.

We can spend a lot of time calling Douglas Badger a creep and a freak but the one thing we know for sure is that he is an animal, like all of us.  But, he has slightly different DNA than most. His is designed to attack. I wouldn’t get into a cage with a natural born predator and we shouldn’t let them roam our neighborhoods either. The image of Douglas Badger is courtesy Fox News 5 San Diego. 


Releasing a Predator

When raising wild lions we’ve caught,Lioness with a bloody muzzle
Inside a steel-barred cage,
We calm him down, we feed him,
And ignore his inborn rage.
Not a rage that comes by simple choice,
But rage from DNA,
A rage that cannot be undone,
Or simply wished away.
Why are we shocked when lion’s strike,
And hurt the ones who care,
It’s in their cells to do these things,
We can’t be unaware.
Predators have a thing inside,
That cause surprise attacks,
Like felons hunting girls and boys,
To do horrendous acts.
 Sexual Predator Douglas Badger 300px
The predators of the human kind,
No different in their way,
They cannot stop from hunting though,
It’s in their DNA.
It’s why we lock these creatures up,
And keep them from their range,
One cannot stop a lion’s urge,
Or hope that he will change.
Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl 
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