Intentions Planted

Jan 06

Sometimes our intentions are all it takes to set our life down a specific path. Sometimes we don’t even think about what we’re thinking about. In this piece, I try to demonstrate that all of us have that unique ability to create our own future, yet when we focus on it too much we can still screw it up! Stop for a minute. Breathe. Think. Intend.
Sprouting seedling narrowWhat are your intentions today?


Intentions Planted

Buried in the darkness,
Deep in the earth,
I plant my intention,
For all that it’s worth.
Who knows the season,
That sprouting takes place,
I’ve planted my vision,
I don’t know the pace.
Concern for the harvest,
Is not on my mind,
Intentions will sprout,
When given the time.
Pushing through darkness,
Struggling toward light,
My vision will blossom,
And all will be right.
Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl 
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Invisible Heroes – The Plight of the Homeless Vet

Jan 03

Change Starts With Awareness

How is it that we can let our heroic veterans live homeless? What will it take for us to finally notice the plight of these American heroes? I was shooting photos in downtown San Diego recently and was amazed at how many homeless vets are struggling on our streets amidst the wealth and beauty of this thriving community. What can we do? Not sure. So I wrote this piece and put it to video. Change starts with awareness. Please share this wherever you can.

From this clip:

“Not wounded by enemies, from battles afar,

but by those dropping nickels in my jar.

To you – I’m invisible,

I’ve vanished from view,

have you ever considered that I – could be you?” 


Here is the text of the video script in a printable PDF. Share this – PLEASE!

Invisible Heroes Infographic.2pdf


Invisible Heroes 

I entered the service,
At the age of 19,
Thought I’d travel the world,
And live out my dream.

Homeless dispair no background

I made it through boot camp,
And two bloody wars,
Came home a hero,
Then pounded on doors.
Door after door,
Just to find a good job,
With no luck at all,
I felt like a slob.
No money for rent,
No food on the table,
I live on the streets,
Finding scraps where I’m able.
The pain that I feel,
In this dumpster’s cool shade,
Is much worse to me,
Than a single grenade.
Invisible to see,
No skin torn apart,

vet without legs no background

This pain has ripped open,
The soul of my heart.
I now beg on the street,
With cardboard display,
All my dignity gone,
As my teeth rot away.
Oh people are nice,
With a nickel or a dime,
I say, “God bless you sir,”
I say it each time.
Now I’m shackled by shame,
Are you listening to me?
I fought for this country,
So we all could be free.
Not wounded by enemies,
From battles afar,
But by those who don’t see me,
Dropping nickels in my jar.
To you – I’m invisible,
Soldier with flag knockoutI’ve vanished from view,
Have you ever considered,
That I – could be you?
I once was a hero,
And did what was right,
But now I’m an eye sore,
From morning ‘till night.
So that’s how I feel,
As I’m standing here still,
But this may surprise you,
I have no ill will.
I gave all for this country,
And I have no regrets,
So how do you feel?
When you see homeless vets?


Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl

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