That Guy’s Such a Jerk!

Mar 24

I said to my co-worker,
Time business concept.“That guy’s such a jerk!”
And we both kind of chuckled,
And went back to work.
The words that I spoke,
Spread quickly around,
And my negative thoughts,
By the “jerk” were soon found.
Hurt and offended,
He was upset and mad,
That my unkindly words,
Made him look kind of bad.
So he did the same thing,
He spoke poorly of me,
Yet not to my face,
But to everyone he’d see.
And the cycle continued,
Through the office all through,
Negatives expanded,
And its energy grew.
It grew and it festered,
Like a terminal case,
What a bad place to work!
What a negative space!
Like a big truck it hit me,
I made this space!
I set the tone!
For my daily workplace!
My backhanded comments,
My gossip and dirt,
Had a whole lot of power,
In creating this hurt.
I’ve dishonored another,
I made him the cause,
That I am unhappy,
And it’s making me pause.
“We reap what we sow,”
– Learned that as a kid,
But I kinda forgot it,
And I’m sorry I did.
My words are contagious,
Now I know that I could,
Choose them more wisely,
And let them be good.
The good I sow daily,
Comes full circle to me,
And this great place I work,
Is that best place to be!
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This is a Cut-Throat Business

Mar 12

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013.  Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013. Image courtesy Wikipedia.

At first you cannot feel it,
You were not even there!
She stabbed you with a dagger,
As if she didn’t care!
Oh it’s not workplace violence,
To knife you in the back,
It’s not workplace violence,
It’s just a sneak attack!
You dare call it violence?
It doesn’t even hurt!
Sometimes it’s an email,
Sometimes it’s a flirt.
It’s just business language,
A violent way we talk,
Of kicking ass and taking names,
And showing how we rock!
The art of war in business,
Can rake you over coals,
We slash our product prices,
And kill those sales goals!
Let’s massacre the market,
Let’s make no mistake,
We’ll squash the competition,
No prisoners shall we take.
Your boss is such an angel,
The CEO a Saint,
A kinder, gentler office,
Hell no! It really ain’t!
Relaxxxxx it will not hurt you,
But some say heads will roll,
These metaphors of business,
They cannot hurt a soul.
These words they have no meaning,
They pump us up a lot!
This is a cut-throat business,
But violent? It’s not!
How is your language in the workplace violent? Or not?  Sometimes your denial just kills me. 
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