That Inner Voice

Jun 04

And the wise man said,

“Follow your inner voice,”

Seemed like good advice, since,

lips red shhh brunetteThat gave me plenty of choice.


I have an inner voice of course,

Sometimes it’s rather meek,

At times it can be loud and brash,

And other times it’s weak.




That inner voice is not alone,

There’s some I quite admire,

The problem comes when all at once,

Young Businesswoman with Her Finger on Her LipsThat voice becomes a choir.



One hundred voices singing loud,

With such divergent views,

“Do this, do that, say yes, say no,”

How is a mind to choose?


“Your inner voice will lead you well”,

The wise man softly said,

But if I do what they all say,

I think I’ll soon be dead!


There is a choir of voices between my ears belting out song after song of “yes and no” and “right and wrong.” Quite often, this choir wavers from the harmonious.

Yes, I understand the power and importance of stillness to hear that single guiding voice but the reality is, these voices still conflict and compete. There’s the “ego voice”, there’s the “Devil-made-me-do-it” voice. ”There’s the “shame voice,” the “inspiration voice,” and the “I-can-do-all-things-through-Christ voice.” And, of course, I must love them all. For a choir of monotonous voices would be, well, quite monotonous.

I don’t want to exclude all the voices but I do need to practice my intuitive and mindfulness skills enough to decipher which voice deserves attention first. The aha moment is this: I am not the voices I hear. I am the choir director. I get to hear these voices from a different vantage point and decide for myself.

As the choir director, I have a responsibility to continuously hold auditions to upgrade the blend of voices I allow to be heard. I keep narrowing down the voices to the few, the loud, and the harmonious but the practice is relentless. Kicking an unharmonious voice off of my cranial choir is never easy but it can be done.

Oops! Gotta run. Those blissful baritones and high-strung tenors are having a nasty debate over another of my life’s big decisions and rehearsal starts in twenty minutes.

Steve Dahl

A New Kind of Poetry

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