Bad Things Will Happen

Apr 24

Bad things will happen,
They happen all the time,
But let’s look for the good,
At least for this rhyme.
Bad things are teachers,
Brutal though they be,
They show up as lessons,
Customized for me.
Now you can poo-poo,Slipping on floor
These things that cause strife,
And try to ignore,
These calamities of life.
Or you could deny them,
As long as you can,
And suffer in silence,
On the de-nial plan.
But bad things still happen,
Can’t hide in your room,
You cannot avoid them,
No one is immune.
Since bad things are lessons,
Just try to complete them,
And learn what you can,
Or you’ll have to repeat them! 
Dang! Why is it that lessons often have to be so painful? But then again, why is it that we sometimes keep repeating even the most painful of lessons? What lessons have you been learning lately that you might recognize from the past? When will you complete the course and move on?  When we don’t learn our lessons and continue to repeat them, some would call that suffering.
And, I don’t remember exactly who said it, but it is very, very true. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Of course, learning doesn’t have to come in bad packages, those are just the ones we notice. They are the ones that bloggers write about. They are the ones that often repeat themselves because the painless ones were, well painless. If that wasn’t profound, I don’t know what is. 
Have a glorious and pain-free day! 

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