Why Let Them Struggle?

Apr 18

Within his chrysalis,
Pushing and twisting,
He turns and struggles,
Caterpiller knockedoutWith endless persisting.
Slow motion escape,
From his caterpillar prison,
It’s the price he must pay,
For a butterfly’s vision.
But I do not like this,
There must be a way,
To speed up this battle,
And free him today.
If he could break out,
And skip all this work,
Wouldn’t he be happy?
What would it hurt?
What would it hurt?
If I helped him get out?
He could skip all that pain,
Start flying about!
This squirming and fussing,
Is wasting his time,
Crysalis knocked out from wikipediaSo I opened his prison,
And thought he looked fine!
I was waiting and watching,
For wet wings to dry,
For his wings to flash color,
To catch wind and fly!
As I tried to rush him,
To make darkness – light,
I shattered the patience,
Required before flight.
Nothing was happening,
I don’t understand,
Why he ended his struggle,
Lying still in my hand.
He is no longer moving.
Does he know that I cared?
Did he need some more time?
To get more prepared?
I thought I was helping,
His wet wings to spread!
But instead of unfolding,
The chrysalis is dead.
There’s a lesson I guess,
In letting one struggle,
If we don’t let them learn,
We cause them more trouble.
Some struggles will change us,
And some make us cry.
Some struggles will teach us,
How to live – how to fly.

butterflies from hand


Image of chrysalis courtesy Wikipedia.com.

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I Must Find a Sip!

Apr 06

Thirsty for Laughter

My throat’s so dry,
Yet plenty to drink,
I’m dying of thirst,
But not what you think.
It’s a desert ‘round here,
Dehydrated void,
It’s burning my eyes,
And I feel so annoyed.
This dried up place,
Of cottonmouth views,
Makes me thirsty for,
More humorous views.
I must find a sip,
Of lemon-fresh glee,
The kind where you struggle,
To hold back your pee.
I must quench my thirst,
You know what I’m after,
I must satisfy,
My thirsting for laughter.
How will humor guide your day? A good laugh brings more energy and healing hormones to the mundane. Do yourself a favor and find something to laugh about today!
Image courtesy Wikipedia. An old postcard/ad on the virtues of laughter. 
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The Colors Bleed

Feb 21

Angels in Orange and Pink by PaulaThe brushes start,
The oils begin,
The painting knows,
The pain within.
The colors bleed,
The pigment weeps,
The strokes forgive,
The subject seeks.
The frame relieves,
The canvas feels,
The painting done,
The subject heals.


How do you heal through art?

This poetic idea was inspired by Tara Smith, the deputy director of the Oceanside Museum of Art after she shared with me some of her amazing photo-realistic paintings from her cell phone at a meeting we were both attending. She told me how her artwork is often healing for the subjects she paints. Learn more about Tara Smith at www.tarasmithart.com and the museum at www.oma-online.org.

Image credit: Check out Paula Majeski’s amazing angel art at www.paulamajeski.com.

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