Wolves at The Office!

Aug 24

There’s a battle raging down the hall,
Two wolves fight and one will fall.
This battle is for – your company soul,
The winning wolf will take control.
 Wolves pair
One wolf is evil, he’s filled with pride,
His fangs are poised – not on your side,
He’s jealous, greedy, manipulative too,
He’s arrogant and sneaky, while working for you.
He’s nasty, slippery, covert at times,
He’s constantly stepping over the lines,
One wolf is good, he has no need,
To injure a person, or make you bleed.
He’s kind, friendly, never acts mean,
He’s honest, respectful and cares for your team.
He’s truthful, helpful to all he will meet,
He’s confident, focused and quick on his feet.
These two combatants determine success,
One is for progress and one makes a mess.
So which of these wolves will you give control,
And allow to establish – your company soul?
Which one will win?
Is the question indeed,
And the answer depends,
On which one you feed!


Copyright © 2014 Steve Dahl

This is about bullies in the workplace, the people who REALLY run your business. Who do you let get away with this stuff? Who is really in control? Do the aggressors win? Do the extroverts call the shots? Do you hear from the small voices or does the squeaky wheel get all the oil?

Consider what behavior is rewarded in your organization. Do you model respect? Do you have a safe organization where creativity is free to express? Is failure encouraged? Is failure too risky? Does anyone dare to stick their neck out to find a better way or is that way too risky?

Do the big dogs squash spirits and squander creativity? Are the alpha males leading the pack? Is there a pack mentality that makes speaking up risky? Are you paying a lot of people to remain silent because you don’t dare confront the bully that’s really calling the shots? Leadership sets the culture. Who do you feed?

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Fired for Multitasking!

Jul 28

Multitasking is my thing,Unemployed business exec
I do it all the time,
I juggle email, answer calls,
And think I’m doing fine.
100 things that must be done,
I cannot slow a bit,
I eat my lunch – update my blog,
And never make a slip!
I post a pic – I Tweet a bit,
I play a You Tube clip,
I type an email while I watch,
And then I hit submit.
Just sent an email to my girl,
To tell her she’s so hot,
I slip and hit my boss’s name!
My god my future’s shot!
This multitasking has a price,
When focus is required,
My boss replies,
“You think I’m hot?”
And that’s why I was fired!

 Steve Dahl


Oh we can multitask all day but if you want to be real about it, it just doesn’t work! We waste a lot of our time multitasking! If you’d like to learn how to gain 28% of your time back every day, check out my friend and great speaker, Michael Anderson’s video on The Amazing Way to Get Back 28% of Your Time!

Michael is the owner of Executive Joy, a great speaker and apparently, an anti-multitasker!


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Why Fake it ‘Till You Make it?

Jun 28

Contrary to your high integrity self,
Faking it may be a skill,Football_Player-_Ashleigh_Hopkin_Wikipedia
To not leave on the shelf.
Coincidentally, this fact is barely known,
The faking skills, you’re using,
Should not be done alone.
Realistically, you must practice them with zeal,
But not behind closed doors,
You must practice them for real.
Intentionally, you’re faking doubt,
Faking can be curative,
Yes, faking helps you out!
Experimentally, just fake it for a while,
Just fake it once, fake it twice,
‘Till fake becomes your style!
Understandably – when faking things so far,
It’s not at all surprising,
The fake is who you are.
And finally, how faking should be done,
Is… fake it ‘till you make it,
And see what you’ve become!

Studies show that “acting as if…” is not exactly being phony. “Faking it” can be a skill to get you where you want to be. That doesn’t mean you have to  lie or act in inauthentic ways, it simply means you act with the confidence of a world-class athlete. They ALL believe they are number one. EVERY ONE of them believes they are going to win the competition!

So, what do you believe? How is your belief system shaping who you will become?


Image Courtesy Wikipedia.com.

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This is NOT What I Ordered!

May 25

This is not what I ordered,
Please send my life back!
Erica is the first female paraplegic to climb to over 19,000 feet on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Erica is the first female paraplegic to climb to over 19,000 feet on Mt Kilimanjaro.

There’s been a mistake!
And my life is off track!
This is not what I ordered,
I have plans to unfold,
I see climbing and biking,
And competing for gold!
But life changed in an instant,
When my legs wouldn’t go,
My heart screamed “Get going!”
But my body said “No!”

An inspirational and educational leader, Erica speaks to audiences of all ages and shares her powerful insights while inspiring us all to CLIMB!

An inspirational and educational leader, Erica speaks to audiences of all ages and shares her powerful insights while inspiring us all to CLIMB!

This is not what I ordered!
This is not what I planned,
But this IS what I’m given,
I’ve been dealt a new hand.
But there’s no time for sorrow,
For the life I’ve been handed,
Now my Spirit says “Go!”
Begin where you’ve landed.
There are mountains to climb,
There are races to win,
I can still reach my goals,
As I reach deep within.
World class triathlete, Erica Davis, competes as part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Team USA.

World class triathlete, Erica Davis, competes as part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Team USA.

You can climb any mountain,
When your vision gets clear,
You can win any race,
When you let go of fear.
This is not what I ordered,
So I choose a new track,
I am living my dream,
And I’m not looking back!

After hearing about competitive athlete, Erica Davis, I went to her website. Here is a woman who lost all feeling from the chest down in the midst of launching her health and fitness career. This amazing athlete did not lose a beat just because of a little paralysis. Nope. She went out a climbed a frickin’ mountain!

Now, I’ve been known to complain a bit about my own aches and pains or the challenges in my life but after reading this woman’s website and hearing more about her story, I am inspired. I am inspired to ignore the trivial and focus on the dreams. I am inspired to forget the fears and get going with my life. I encourage you to take a look at your life’s challenges, then look at Erica’s. You too will be inspired.

Check out the story of Erica Davis – global athlete, advocate, and adventurer at: www.GoWithErica.com. Images courtesy of gowitherica.com.


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How Thoughts Form the World

May 24

Wright Brothers flight

Wright Brothers Thought About Flying – a Lot. Image Courtesy Wikipedia

As Edison envisioned, a world shining bright,
Alexander Bell heard it, ringing that night.
Pharaohs thought of pyramids, rising up from sands,
Lincoln thought of freedom, for every single man.
Kennedy thought of footprints, on the moon up above,
That’s how Gandhi thought it, he fought with his love.
Mandela thought of freedom, from his cold island cell,
Reverend King – thought it in a dream he spoke well.
As the Wright brothers thought it, some said they’re insane,
And they proved them all wrong – turning thoughts into plane.
That’s how Jobs thought it, seeing Apples in your hand,
Our futures are thoughts; they’re not exactly planned.
It’s not thoughts so little, or thoughts unbeknown,
It’s not common logic, of wise men all alone.
It’s not government action, nor following the norm,
It’s simply universal law, using thoughts to trans-form!
So, think highly of your thinking, and the thoughts in your mind,
Think bigger with your thoughts, and what you’ll leave behind.
Limits don’t apply here, where futures are born,
Your thoughts change the world, since thoughts become form.

© Copyright Steve Dahl 2013

What will your thoughts create today? The choice is yours. While working on my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica,  I learned a powerful process called, “Ideal Scenes.” It is simply the process of writing out your vision for what you want to have in your life. You do so by completing the sentence… “I Am…”

Putting everything into present tense and focusing on what you DO want versus what you don’t, is a very empowering way to use your thoughts to create the world you want. Learn more about USM at http://www.universityofsantamonica.edu/ 



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View From the Cheap Seats

Apr 24

Image Courtesy Wikipedia.com.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia.com.

In the very top row,
Way up high in the back,
The cheap seats are safer,
At a price I can hack.
And I yell at the players,
I scream for my team,
And I counsel the ref,
If you know what I mean.
I am safe way up here,
I can’t get a bruise,
I won’t miss a ball,
And I can’t ever lose.
But I criticize well,
All the guys on the field,
I’m so far from the game,
That it must be revealed…
It scares me to death,
How they fight for their team,
While my cheap seat is safe,
They are living their dream.

Brene Brown in her studies on shame reminds us that “It is not the critic who counts.” It’s easy to criticize the players from the cheap seats. How long will you play it safe? The real credit goes to those who enter the arena and dare to compete, whether or not they are fully prepared.

Are you happy to be sitting on the sidelines of life while others are out living their dream? Criticism is not exactly a strategy. Why not jump in and contribute to the team? You may win. You may lose. But at least you dare to jump in.

Affirmation for the day: “I am over my shame and jump into the game.”

Get in the game!


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