Bad Things Will Happen

Apr 24

Bad things will happen,
They happen all the time,
But let’s look for the good,
At least for this rhyme.
Bad things are teachers,
Brutal though they be,
They show up as lessons,
Customized for me.
Now you can poo-poo,Slipping on floor
These things that cause strife,
And try to ignore,
These calamities of life.
Or you could deny them,
As long as you can,
And suffer in silence,
On the de-nial plan.
But bad things still happen,
Can’t hide in your room,
You cannot avoid them,
No one is immune.
Since bad things are lessons,
Just try to complete them,
And learn what you can,
Or you’ll have to repeat them! 
Dang! Why is it that lessons often have to be so painful? But then again, why is it that we sometimes keep repeating even the most painful of lessons? What lessons have you been learning lately that you might recognize from the past? When will you complete the course and move on?  When we don’t learn our lessons and continue to repeat them, some would call that suffering.
And, I don’t remember exactly who said it, but it is very, very true. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Of course, learning doesn’t have to come in bad packages, those are just the ones we notice. They are the ones that bloggers write about. They are the ones that often repeat themselves because the painless ones were, well painless. If that wasn’t profound, I don’t know what is. 
Have a glorious and pain-free day! 
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The Faintest Grin

Apr 08

Watching closely,
Smile cropped from homeless
Zooming in,
I’d like to see,
The faintest grin.
Will I see it,
Lips get thin,
Will I see,
Eyes cropped from homeless
A smile from him?
Eyebrows raised,
Eyes get wide,
I sense there is,
Some joy inside.
Smile cropped from homeless
That wasn’t it,
He held his frown,
His only smile,
Is upside down!


Have you ever had to work with someone with little or no sense of humor? Making them smile is a major effort. Have you ever found that checkout person at the grocery store looking way less than happy?

Do you ever try to get them to smile just to see if you can do it? That’s the nice thing about a smile. If you see someone without one you can give them one of yours. How do you get someone to smile? How do they get you to smile?

By the way, that’s kind of a freaky edit job on that stock image isn’t it?


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I Must Find a Sip!

Apr 06

Thirsty for Laughter

My throat’s so dry,
Yet plenty to drink,
I’m dying of thirst,
But not what you think.
It’s a desert ‘round here,
Dehydrated void,
It’s burning my eyes,
And I feel so annoyed.
This dried up place,
Of cottonmouth views,
Makes me thirsty for,
More humorous views.
I must find a sip,
Of lemon-fresh glee,
The kind where you struggle,
To hold back your pee.
I must quench my thirst,
You know what I’m after,
I must satisfy,
My thirsting for laughter.
How will humor guide your day? A good laugh brings more energy and healing hormones to the mundane. Do yourself a favor and find something to laugh about today!
Image courtesy Wikipedia. An old postcard/ad on the virtues of laughter. 
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That Guy’s Such a Jerk!

Mar 24

I said to my co-worker,
Time business concept.“That guy’s such a jerk!”
And we both kind of chuckled,
And went back to work.
The words that I spoke,
Spread quickly around,
And my negative thoughts,
By the “jerk” were soon found.
Hurt and offended,
He was upset and mad,
That my unkindly words,
Made him look kind of bad.
So he did the same thing,
He spoke poorly of me,
Yet not to my face,
But to everyone he’d see.
And the cycle continued,
Through the office all through,
Negatives expanded,
And its energy grew.
It grew and it festered,
Like a terminal case,
What a bad place to work!
What a negative space!
Like a big truck it hit me,
I made this space!
I set the tone!
For my daily workplace!
My backhanded comments,
My gossip and dirt,
Had a whole lot of power,
In creating this hurt.
I’ve dishonored another,
I made him the cause,
That I am unhappy,
And it’s making me pause.
“We reap what we sow,”
– Learned that as a kid,
But I kinda forgot it,
And I’m sorry I did.
My words are contagious,
Now I know that I could,
Choose them more wisely,
And let them be good.
The good I sow daily,
Comes full circle to me,
And this great place I work,
Is that best place to be!
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This is a Cut-Throat Business

Mar 12

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013.  Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013. Image courtesy Wikipedia.

At first you cannot feel it,
You were not even there!
She stabbed you with a dagger,
As if she didn’t care!
Oh it’s not workplace violence,
To knife you in the back,
It’s not workplace violence,
It’s just a sneak attack!
You dare call it violence?
It doesn’t even hurt!
Sometimes it’s an email,
Sometimes it’s a flirt.
It’s just business language,
A violent way we talk,
Of kicking ass and taking names,
And showing how we rock!
The art of war in business,
Can rake you over coals,
We slash our product prices,
And kill those sales goals!
Let’s massacre the market,
Let’s make no mistake,
We’ll squash the competition,
No prisoners shall we take.
Your boss is such an angel,
The CEO a Saint,
A kinder, gentler office,
Hell no! It really ain’t!
Relaxxxxx it will not hurt you,
But some say heads will roll,
These metaphors of business,
They cannot hurt a soul.
These words they have no meaning,
They pump us up a lot!
This is a cut-throat business,
But violent? It’s not!
How is your language in the workplace violent? Or not?  Sometimes your denial just kills me. 
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Cubicle Bullies

Feb 23

Cubicle bully no backgroundWe sit in our cubicles – crowded and close,
Ten of us here and most quite verbose.
Most are quite helpful – one’s rude as can be,
Obnoxious and nasty – when talking to me.
So I went to my boss after trying my luck,
Confronting this issue – and stopping this schmuck.
This bullying problem- covert around here,
Is killing my spirit and spreading more fear.
But my boss as a leader, or lack of he is,
Ignored my request saying, “Get back to biz!”
“Oh it can’t be that bad, your skin’s way too thin,”
And with that I gave up – and retreated within.
Now my cubicle bully – a smirk on her face,
Harasses and teases, at will without grace.
She never gets busted – I’m so uninspired,
I’ll do less ‘round here – might even get fired.
I came here to work and answer my calling,
But leadership here is weak and appalling.
With my boss playing chicken, a bully in my face,
I’ll just put in my time… ‘till I’m out of this place!


Image Above: Courtesy Elliot Dahl Designs – Image Below: Nikita Krushchev – Russian Dictator. Courtesy of Wikipedia. Who’s dictating at your company? Who uses fear in your organization to get his/her way?

Isn’t it quite amazing that in this world of high technology, communication training and a deeper understanding of what makes a business successful that we still allow fear and intimidation to fester unchecked in many organizations? Isn’t it mind blowing that bosses, peers, and others can say and do things to other people that are beyond rude and obnoxious and yet they are allowed to get by with it? What is the cost to an organization that allows abusive behaviors to continue? It’s enormous. Beyond dollars and cents, little things like brand, culture, and reputation Nikita_S._Chruschtschoware tarnished.

More importantly, those employees who came into the organization with passion and enthusiasm suddenly find themselves being just the opposite. Biding their time until a better job comes along or worse yet, resigning themselves, collecting a paycheck, and saying the hell with caring about the quality of work, the importance of their position or the well-being of their company.

Bottom line, fear works. Ask Hitler. Ask Castro. Ask Krushchev. Fear motivates people while the the gun is pointed. Drop the weapon for a minute and you better not turn your back. There is little creativity nor loyalty when fear is present. How does your organization foster open and honest communication when their is fear? Does it matter? Having worked in environments where fear and intimidation runs rampant, I have seen the toll on the human spirit, the personal health of employees and the cost to those invested in the success of the company.

Whether it’s an asshole of a boss or an intimidating co-worker, it’s costing the individual, the business and our society a very high price. What price are you willing to pay – whether you’re an employee or the employer? What can you do? What will you do? If you’re an employer, do you really know who uses fear and intimidation to motivate the troops? You might be surprised. Those who use fear are master manipulators and have learned to put on a friendly face as needed.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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