A Thousand-Thought Solution

Jun 30

What would really happen,

If a thousand times a day,

TulipsAll the thoughts I ever had,

Uplifted me some way?


Would my life get better?

What could I become?

If a thousand times a day,

My thoughts were kind and fun?


A thousand times a day,

If we chose every thought,

You know we’d change ourselves,

And our world would change a lot!




When daily thoughts start stinking,

Hit pause – and kindly say…

“I choose the thoughts I’m thinking,

One thousand times a day!”



Steve Dahl

A New Kind of Poetry is where you are required to think. I think.

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Suicide by Comparison

Jun 10

When I see someone much better than me,
There’s something you should know,
I put them on a pedestal,
And take a step below.
 man looks at himself in the mirror
When I see someone who really shines,
And everyone’s in awe,
I feel the envy, wince with pain,
And draw the shortest straw.
When I see someone that does it right,
And seems to have it all,
I die a little deep inside,
And feel so very small.
When I see someone with so much skill,
As blessed from head to toe,
I give up all my power,
My ego’s in control.
When I see someone much better than me,
I really should not care,
Suicide by comparison,
Is really not that rare.
When I see someone with gifts galore,
I need to let it be,
And recognize my gifts within,
And be impressed with… me.

This was inspired in part by a glimmer of insight I had while reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Emerson’s Essays.” In it he talks about the human flaw of trying to please and appease others. He says that “imitation is suicide.” I think in today’s media-driven world, we are constantly comparing ourselves to each other. We must have a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger bust, a bigger, and well, you get the picture. Emerson has clearly predicted the many challenges that society continues to face as we seek approval from others by imitation and comparison. Imitation and comparison is a dead-end game you just can’t win.

Steve Dahl 
A New Kind of Poetry 
Copyright Steve Dahl 2015
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That Inner Voice

Jun 04

And the wise man said,

“Follow your inner voice,”

Seemed like good advice, since,

lips red shhh brunetteThat gave me plenty of choice.


I have an inner voice of course,

Sometimes it’s rather meek,

At times it can be loud and brash,

And other times it’s weak.




That inner voice is not alone,

There’s some I quite admire,

The problem comes when all at once,

Young Businesswoman with Her Finger on Her LipsThat voice becomes a choir.



One hundred voices singing loud,

With such divergent views,

“Do this, do that, say yes, say no,”

How is a mind to choose?


“Your inner voice will lead you well”,

The wise man softly said,

But if I do what they all say,

I think I’ll soon be dead!


There is a choir of voices between my ears belting out song after song of “yes and no” and “right and wrong.” Quite often, this choir wavers from the harmonious.

Yes, I understand the power and importance of stillness to hear that single guiding voice but the reality is, these voices still conflict and compete. There’s the “ego voice”, there’s the “Devil-made-me-do-it” voice. ”There’s the “shame voice,” the “inspiration voice,” and the “I-can-do-all-things-through-Christ voice.” And, of course, I must love them all. For a choir of monotonous voices would be, well, quite monotonous.

I don’t want to exclude all the voices but I do need to practice my intuitive and mindfulness skills enough to decipher which voice deserves attention first. The aha moment is this: I am not the voices I hear. I am the choir director. I get to hear these voices from a different vantage point and decide for myself.

As the choir director, I have a responsibility to continuously hold auditions to upgrade the blend of voices I allow to be heard. I keep narrowing down the voices to the few, the loud, and the harmonious but the practice is relentless. Kicking an unharmonious voice off of my cranial choir is never easy but it can be done.

Oops! Gotta run. Those blissful baritones and high-strung tenors are having a nasty debate over another of my life’s big decisions and rehearsal starts in twenty minutes.

Steve Dahl

A New Kind of Poetry

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Escape Where I’m at

Mar 12

I am confused by the chaos and solitude’s appeal,
I am frightened by the terror of retreating’s good feel,
I just want to escape but this we both know,
That voice is correct there is no place to go!brain
To engage with more people, yet still be alone,
It’s a schizophrenic feeling, and I doubt I’m alone,
Have you ever tried to be present, and still so far away?
Like your body’s in Topeka and your mind’s in LA?
You can’t live your life– with your heart in two places,
You can’t hug your friends– while ignoring their faces,
You can’t go away, and still try remain,
You can’t avoid love, and still avoid pain.
The peace that I’m seeking, in the noise that I need,
Is present right now– with each breath I breathe,
I don’t need to go further, I’m ignoring this chat,
If I stay where I am, I’ll escape where I’m at.
Sometimes you just gotta wonder what’s going on inside that skull of some people, don’t you? 
Copyright Steve Dahl 2015 for some strange reason. 
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That is ONE Angry Rooster

Oct 07

Angry Rooster card by Wick crop
That is ONE angry rooster,
Eyes glowing,
Feathers flowing,
Madness growing.
That is ONE angry rooster,
Colors flaring
Eyes staring,
Movements daring.
That is ONE angry rooster,
Pecking order,
Cross the border,
Brain disorder.
That is ONE angry rooster,
No more fun,
Story’s done,
Better run.
This is a cool gift card designed by my friend Vickiy Tarulis.  Not sure what the poem means but it does look like a rooster doesn’t it? 
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I Am My Daughter’s Bank

Sep 01

She looks at me warmly,
With her sweet baby blues,
And I hand her some cash,
And she buys some new shoes.
I look like her dad,
But I feel kind of blank,bride
As I hand her more money,
I’m becoming her bank.
I’m her ATM Dad,
I’m her angel investor,
I’m her blank kind of check,
It’s MY credit I hand her.
I’ve created a monster,
Who feeds on my cash,
She’s ruined her credit,
And her life’s in the trash!
She’s dependent on me,
On my neck there’s a noose.
We’re both in too deep,
But I can’t cut her loose.
If I just cut her off,
From her frivolous spending,
She’ll resent me forever,
But my cash flow is ending.
I’ve my own bills to pay,
And she wants a new car,
How come I’m now the jerk?
This has gone way too far.
I’m her lottery winnings,
I’m no longer just Dad,
I’m her loan officer,
And for that I feel bad.
If I could go back,
To my parenting days,
I’d teach her of money,
And responsible ways.
For that, she won’t like me,
Might even get mad,
But she’ll learn self-reliance
From her teacher called… Dad.
Is it so wrong to give your children everything you never had? Wrong, no, effective no. Just think if you could go to the bank and borrow money, interest free, with no real deadline to pay it back. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Would you ever learn to be responsible with money?
That’s the business relationship we sometimes set up with our children when they don’t have any responsibility or accountability for their financial IQ. Let them learn. Let them earn. It might be a bit uncomfortable in the short run but they will thank you in the long run. And it’s the long run that matters. 
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