Leave This Teen Alone!

Dec 24

Leave me alone,
Get off of my case,
I’m over 16,
Get out of my face!Poetry about a bully teen

Leave me alone,
But let me be clear,
I welcome some freedom,
But don’t disappear.

Leave me alone,
But please not tonight,
I’m calling from jail,
I’ve been in a fight.

Leave me alone,
And I’ll die in this place,
Can’t you see fear,
All over my face?

Leave me alone,
But please don’t forget,
I look like a man,
But I’m not a man yet.

Leave me alone,
But please mom and dad,
I need my parents,
Before things get bad.

Leave me alone,
But please keep me close,
These are the years,
I need you the most.



From a teen’s point of view, they want freedom but not abandonment. How many parents see our growing kids as adults once they look like an adult? How many of us let our teens have everything their way once they turn 16? How many of us think our teens just need to “figure it out.” Teens might want their freedom but they need discipline. They need guidance. They need parents.

Fact is, a young adult mind is not fully developed until somewhere past the age of 25. We can give them freedom but we can’t give them up. Keep them close. Our job as a parent is not to be out children’s buddies but to be our children’s teacher.

Okay, sounds a bit like a preach session here but this is important. So are  our kids. Just be there.

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The Road to Mediocrity

Dec 24

It’s the road well travelled,
That everybody knows,poetry of the fork in the road
It’s what most people take,
Since they know where it goes.

It’s a popular road,
But I can’t comprehend it,
Why so many still use it,
I don’t recommend it.

It’s the safe way to go,
To a mediocre place,
Where nothing new happens,
And snails set the pace.

So if you’re on the road,
Called “Be Realistic”,
Make a U-turn right now,
Or your dream’s a statistic.

poetry of road signsConform if you like,
You have everything to lose,
But your future depends,
On which road you choose.


Steve Dahl

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s important to “Be realistic” in visioning your future. There is power in that vision of yours so don’t let others cloud it with their fears or concerns. Don’t just take the road before you, choose the one that will take you to your dreams.

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Our Plastic Attraction

Nov 06

There’s hazardous material at the sushi bar,morgue file plastic2811238852158
There’s choking dolphins at the beach not far,
There’s a plastic bottle used once not more,
There’s a plastic gyre floating just off shore.


There’s a sea of change in our ways ahead,
There’s a plastic diet in birds found dead,
There’s a white Tsunami made of bottle caps,
There’s a need for change when you see the facts.


There’s a ton of trash floating out to sea,
There’s a poisonous cost when we let it be,
There’s a fee too high for this plastic attraction,CB036270
There’s a price we pay for our plastic inaction.


There’s a filthy ocean no longer clear,
There’s just no reason putting plastic in here,
There’s a choice we make every single day,
So please think twice before you throw it away.


A New Kind of Poetry

The amount of plastic floating out to sea from our trashy ways is not just ugly, it’s poisonous for all life. It’s getting worse every day. What will you do to stop contributing to this mess?

Copyright 2015

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In Five Tiny Seconds

Sep 04


 In five tiny seconds,

You know you must choose,

The veggies or cake,

And how much you’ll lose.

In five tiny seconds,

Well, can you resist?

Temptations of sweets,

While cravings persist?

In five tiny seconds,

You quickly decide,

Commitments to keep,

And those you let slide!


You’ve heard of the five second rule when it comes to dropping your food on the floor? Well consider this five second rule. How strong are your commitments? Do you hesitate before deciding? If it takes more than five seconds to decide, then is it really a commitment? Dang I hate those questions.

Don’t you love that tempting artistic cupcake by my friend Wick? But is it better than carrot sticks? Well…

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What is All This Woo-Woo?

Jul 20

What is all this woo-woo,Rainbow over lake cropped

This prayerful healing stuff?

I’m not so sure I get it,

My problem’s way too tough!


Some swear there is no heaven,

Some pray there is no hell,

Some say that only doctors,

Can make us feel so well.


But what if meditation,

And all the ways to pray,

Could heal what ails inside me,

And let pain fade away!


Then I’d quit paying doctors,

And all those hellish bills,

And have more healing options,

That don’t reside in pills.


I think I’ll try this woo-woo,

I kind of like its feel,

When I let woo-woo enter,

I let my body heal!


Have you tried everything else? To heal what ails you, maybe it’s time to stop looking outside and turn inside.

© Copyright 2015 Steve Dahl

A New Kind of Poetry

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A Thousand-Thought Solution

Jun 30

What would really happen,

If a thousand times a day,

TulipsAll the thoughts I ever had,

Uplifted me some way?


Would my life get better?

What could I become?

If a thousand times a day,

My thoughts were kind and fun?


A thousand times a day,

If we chose every thought,

You know we’d change ourselves,

And our world would change a lot!




When daily thoughts start stinking,

Hit pause – and kindly say…

“I choose the thoughts I’m thinking,

One thousand times a day!”



Steve Dahl

A New Kind of Poetry is where you are required to think. I think.

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