Happiness – Here and Now

May 15

Happiness ModelBut of course we have plenty of reasons for being upset about the past. And, yes, there is ample evidence of impending doom in our future. Yet, all the Xanax in the world won’t resolve issues from the past and all the Prozac in America will not stop the future from arriving.

News flash, the present is truly a present. And that is where happiness lies. Well, is doesn’t actually lie nor even fib a little, it’s just right here and now. What will you do today to let go of the past and relax about the future?


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The Adam Lanza Memorial

Dec 29

At a meeting I attended the other day Adam Lanza’s name came up as the group struggled to understand the horrors of another school shooting. The woman said of Adam, “I think we should forget this monster, we should never utter that slime’s name again.” I totally understand the hurt and rage that goes with Adam’s name. Yet, there is a learning opportunity here for all of us. Who in their right mind would want to set up a memorial for the disturbed 20-year old, mass murder Adam Lanza?

Adam Lanza – The Shooter

To set up a memorial in Adam Lanza’s name is never going to happen. No one wants to memorialize a monster. No one wants to give recognition to an evil person. No one wants to in any way, show other potential mass murders that they may get the recognition they’ve so hungered for by committing an evil act such as occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. I do not want to memorialize Adam Lanza but I definitely do not want to forget him.

We would all like to “forget” December 14th, the day so many innocent lives were lost. But maybe there is something we really should remember.

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28 Ways to Let Healing Begin

Dec 25

Making Something Good out of The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

If there were anything good to come out of another shooting tragedy, I can’t think of what it is beyond another painful reminder of the shortness of life and renewed awareness of the battle between safety and our Second Amendment rights. But if the question is, what do we do? Then the answer is –  simple: LOVE. 12,554 people were murdered in our freedom-loving country last year and they no longer have a voice in this debate. My guess would be that many of the murderers experienced a lack of love in their lives. No doubt about it.


Let’s honor the victims of our violent society by taking personal responsibility to change just one thing in each of our individual lives. Maybe that one thing could help prevent the next school shooting. Let’s all take one action today, this week, this month to do something that is the absolute opposite of evil, anger, pain, frustration, violence, and all the other attributes of those who strike out.

12,554 Dead People Can’t be Wrong

Let’s not let all of these murder victims die in vain. Their deaths should inspire us to reflect upon our lives. They should drive us to say STOP! The mentally ill, the homeless,

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