A Muslim, a Jew and a Catholic Walk Into a Bar…

Feb 17

Muslim jew catholic symbols

A Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic – walk into a bar,
Oh, the jokes we could tell – if we dare go that far!
Could they laugh at themselves? As they fight over God?
Could they sit with each other – or is that way too odd?
If a Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic – sat down for a drink,
Would a bar fight break out? Would it make you re-think?
Would this make you re-think who was right and was wrong?
What if they came out, holding hands, singing song?
A Muslim, a Jew and a Catholic, while sitting face to face,
Noticed they were not so different, as had once seemed the case.
They all had their problems, they all had their joys,
They loved laughing and playing, as young girls and boys.
A Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic – soon gave up their fight,
To see who was better, and most often right.
They concluded “life’s precious” and there’s so little time,
They decided to change, be accepting and kind.
A Muslim, a Jew, and a Catholic, just talked for a while,
And their God shed a tear, and he started to smile.
Image courtesy of http://www.worldslastchance.com
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