The Straight Truth About Gay Marriage

Jun 26

Has marriage gone crazy?
There are people in bed,
Who don’t share our values,Portrait of a Gay Couple
And should never be wed!
All this gay stuff is silly,
Lesbians are too,
We must fight for our marriage,
And stop what they do!
You see marriage is sacred,
Not a “Play” we call “Rent”,
It is sacred quite often,
(Well ‘bout 50 percent!)
But while murders continue,
And wars scorch this earth,
We must stop this gay marriage,
Or what is life worth?
All this fighting and killing,
We should really ignore,
Stopping gays from committing,
Is what we live for!
But wait… Are you kidding me?
There’s starvation and depression,
Is there something I’ve missed?
Why’s stopping gay marriage,
At the top of the list?
We have poverty and violence,
The most terrible you’ll find,
Gay marriage an issue?
Are you out of your mind?
These priorities I question,
And traditional ways,
Hetero myself,
I don’t worry about gays.
There’s much more to worry ‘bout,
Bigger fish we could fry,
All this hatred ‘bout love,
Well it should make you cry.
Priorities are mixed up,
I mean mixed up a lot,
When it’s love and commitment,
Give the gay guys a shot!

 Steve Dahl

Hey, if marriage is so sacred how come so many religious fanatics get divorced? I’m just sayin’. Given the recent supreme court decision on gay marriage, can we move on to something important now?

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Roses Could Care Less

Jun 15

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote these words, which inspired me to write the poetic response to follow: “These roses under my window make no reference to which roses were the better ones; they are what they are; they exist with God today. There is no time to them there is simply the Rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. Before the leaf bud has burst, its whole life acts; in the full-blown flower there is no more; in the leafless root there is no less. Its nature is satisfied and it satisfies nature in all moments alike. There is no time to it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson courtesy

Ralph Waldo Emerson courtesy

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Emerson’s Essays, page 48.

Roses Could Care Less

The Roses under my window,

Could care less what you think,

They splendor us with blossoms,

In reds and whites and pink.


They never seek approval,

They do not want your thoughts,

Sharing fragrance gracefully,

In garden rows and pots.


A Rose knows no tomorrow,

Its past does not exist,

Its fully present beauty,

Is something people missed.

So, the question is, if you were to accept who you were, what you have, how you look, who you are as of this moment; could you see your own beauty? Why can’t we be at peace with the present? If you spent less energy trying to run your life to imitate or impress others would your life have more joy? If you spent more time in gratitude for all that you have at this moment in time would you have less stress or more? How would your life be if you were in a state of “Fully present beauty?”

Here’s an assignment for you.

Ask yourself the questions above. Write about them. Then, make a decision about the life you want to have. Now, you’re thinking, “That’s going to be hard!” Well, I say, no, it’s easy. That way, I don’t have to say, “No one said this was going to be easy.” Because I just did. So there. Start writing. It’s easy.

Steve Dahl 
A New Kind of Poetry 
Copyright Steve Dahl 2015
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When Black or White Kids Die – The Lessons of Ferguson

Jun 08

A black man kills a white man,
A white man kills a black,
This cycle just continues,
Is there no turning back?
Black and White Violence in Ferguson

Black and White Violence in Ferguson – Illustration by Elliot Dahl 

The news will cover this one,
Yet let another slide,
Opinion polls will drive us,
To choose a colored side.
Our hearts will ache regardless,
The colors of our skin,
We justify our anger,
And locate next of kin.
Black mothers mourn, white ones sob,
When black or white kids die,
Who’s right or wrong? 
God only knows.
But still I wonder why…
It’s all so tragic – undeserved,
But is it black and white?
When will we learn the time has come,
To finally end this fight?

Of the 1,235 murders that took place in the United States last month, how many of them garnered national media attention? Shouldn’t they all? Weren’t they all part of someone’s racist, biased, fear-based, greed-driven decision to take something from another, control another, or destroy another? Why do some stories get tons of media attention as “hate crimes” or “another meaningless murder” while others go virtually unnoticed? Aren’t they all hate crime? Aren’t they all meaningless?

The only way this will ever stop or even slow down the rate of violence in America is by teaching our families and ourselves the importance of respect, forgiveness, communication, and tolerance. Who will you forgive today? How can you show more respect? In what areas of your life could you be more tolerant? Where could your communication skills use improvement?

Let’s NOT unite against police brutality. Let’s NOT unite against black on white crime. Let’s just unite… as people.


Steve Dahl


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Escape Where I’m at

Mar 12

I am confused by the chaos and solitude’s appeal,
I am frightened by the terror of retreating’s good feel,
I just want to escape but this we both know,
That voice is correct there is no place to go!brain
To engage with more people, yet still be alone,
It’s a schizophrenic feeling, and I doubt I’m alone,
Have you ever tried to be present, and still so far away?
Like your body’s in Topeka and your mind’s in LA?
You can’t live your life– with your heart in two places,
You can’t hug your friends– while ignoring their faces,
You can’t go away, and still try remain,
You can’t avoid love, and still avoid pain.
The peace that I’m seeking, in the noise that I need,
Is present right now– with each breath I breathe,
I don’t need to go further, I’m ignoring this chat,
If I stay where I am, I’ll escape where I’m at.
Sometimes you just gotta wonder what’s going on inside that skull of some people, don’t you? 
Copyright Steve Dahl 2015 for some strange reason. 
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Angel of Words – A Tribute to Maya Angelou

May 31

Angelic words,Maya Angelou Wikipedia 1
With points of view,
She set us free,
With words so few.
Compassion grew,
From endless prose,
She spoke of pain,
The kind she knows.
The words she chose,
Could force a tear,
Or coax a smile,
Or banish fear.
She wrote of birds,
That cages keep,Maya Angelou Wikipedia 2
Whose freedom came,
And made us weep.
She wrote of healing,
Racist ways,
Her pen dug deep,
Through song and plays.
Her meaning shows,
Between her lines,
Poetic words,
That God defines.
Her words will live,
Where Maya spoke,
Within our soul,
Her words evoke.Maya Angela Wikipedia 3
We feel her spirit,
Poetic clear,
Forever scribed,
In hearts still here.
Steve Dahl Copyright 2014
With Maya Angelou’s passing we lose a creative voice for all humanity. Who will fill the void? Who will speak for those less capable than you? What is your creative contribution to the world? What is your contribution to the world? 
Images courtesy of Wikipedia.
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Don’t Give Him Too Many Chores!

Apr 23

I’m not really lazy,
So why should I try,Boy Doing Chores
My mother will do it,
If I just fuss and I cry.
My parents are the greatest,
And this I can tell,
They do all of my chores,
And I know they mean well.
But the chores that I’m missing,
Teach skills I could use,
When I’m off on my own,
I’ll have much more to lose.
I won’t try solving problems,
With wisdom and grace,
And I’ll likely leave stockings,
All over the place!
And I’ll have to find someone,
To get me to work,
Woman thinkingAnd I’ll often be late,
Boy my boss is a jerk!
And I’ll ruin my credit,
Cause my bills won’t get paid,
And dishes won’t be done,
‘Till I find me a maid.
I won’t know how to manage,
My time or my life,
Hey, I’ve got an idea…

I’ll get me a wife!

Yeah! I’ll find me a woman,
Where my mother once stood,
And I’ll have her do chores,
Like a good woman should!

I will get me a woman,
Who loves doing chores,
And she’ll make us some babies,

Glamour portrait in blue sunglassesWhen she’s not washing floors! 

That’s my future sweet parents,
So thanks Mom and Dad,
There’s no chores in my future,
But you shouldn’t feel bad.
You have let me off easy,
From that chore list of life,
But – could you make me a copy,
I can give to my wife?


Ohhhhh baby! Now this is no doubt going to irritate a few! But, hey, that’s my job on my blog so go tell a hog. Okay, all seriousness aside. The huge issue we have in America, just one of them anyway, is called “Overindulgence.” It’s when we simply allow too much, buy too much and do too much for our children. The reality is, as a parent you only have one primary job in addition to keeping your kids safe. And that is, being their teacher. But not like the classroom, not by home schooling, none of that.

Dr. Jean Illsley Clarke, author of "How Much is Too Much."

Dr. Jean Illsley Clarke, author of “How Much is Too Much.”

Everything we do as parents should be to help our children learn something. So, that’s why we let them learn to do their own laundry. That’s why we let them learn to cook. That’s why we let them learn what happens when they ignore your advice and get burned, scraped, bruised and humbled once in a while. That’s why we DO let our kids have a cell phone and a credit card. And that’s why when they overspend or abuse that parent-given privilege they do LOSE that phone or credit card until they learn to use them responsibly.  That’s called learning. And yes, it’s uncomfortable.

The most successful adults are usually the ones who learned something about personal responsibility while growing up. And that means, letting kids learn to do chores when they’re young so they don’t make someone else miserable trying to avoid them later in life! That’s why we want kids to learn how credit cards work because that’s how our world works.

If you want to learn more about the issues of “Overindulgence,” I highly recommend you take a course from Dr. Jean Illsley Clarke, parent educator. Also, buy her latest book called, “How Much is Too Much?” Eileen and I have been through Jean’s trainings and we’re certified to teach her programs so I know that of which I speak! Or rhyme. Or both. We’re not perfect parents but I think our adult kids will tell you that we didn’t often overindulge them and they learned a lot. Sometimes, the hard way, but usually a memorable and an effective way.

I don’t mean to sound like a hard ass but I am trying to make a big point in a little space. Overindulgence is not just a problem for families while their kids are growing up, overindulgence is a big problem for those young adults and it can continue for the rest of their lives. So, give your kids some chores.

Check out Jean’s website at

Steve Dahl

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