Mistakes I’ll Soon Admit

Apr 14

 Mistakes I'll Soon Admit

When it comes right down to it,
I’m going to have to admit,
What I’ve been thinking off and on,
For quite a little bit.
You may find this shocking,
You may scream “untrue,”
But clearly by my actions,
I don’t agree with you.
Though you may disagree,
My message won’t take long,
I’ve done all the research,
And I know that you’re wrong.
I break this news with heavy heart,
It’s going to blow your mind,
but I have noticed now and then,
I’m still the humble kind.
But don’t lose sleep and don’t despair,
Mistakes I’ll soon admit,
As soon as you can point one out,
I’ll prove that isn’t it.


Who likes to admit a mistake when they know they’re always right? So the question for you is this. Would you rather be happy or right?


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This is a Cut-Throat Business

Mar 12

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013.  Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Shooter at Navy Yard 2013. Image courtesy Wikipedia.

At first you cannot feel it,
You were not even there!
She stabbed you with a dagger,
As if she didn’t care!
Oh it’s not workplace violence,
To knife you in the back,
It’s not workplace violence,
It’s just a sneak attack!
You dare call it violence?
It doesn’t even hurt!
Sometimes it’s an email,
Sometimes it’s a flirt.
It’s just business language,
A violent way we talk,
Of kicking ass and taking names,
And showing how we rock!
The art of war in business,
Can rake you over coals,
We slash our product prices,
And kill those sales goals!
Let’s massacre the market,
Let’s make no mistake,
We’ll squash the competition,
No prisoners shall we take.
Your boss is such an angel,
The CEO a Saint,
A kinder, gentler office,
Hell no! It really ain’t!
Relaxxxxx it will not hurt you,
But some say heads will roll,
These metaphors of business,
They cannot hurt a soul.
These words they have no meaning,
They pump us up a lot!
This is a cut-throat business,
But violent? It’s not!
How is your language in the workplace violent? Or not?  Sometimes your denial just kills me. 
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My Dragon’s Warm Embrace – In memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Feb 10

I love the way he holds me,
We all have our dragons.
We all have our dragons. Philip Seymour Hoffman had his.
My dragon’s warm embrace,
I love his wild illusions,
I love his calming face.
I hate this love I’m feeling,
Addictions hold me tight,
I hide inside my body,
I cannot see the light.
And when I try to leave him,
His eyes as cold as steel,
He lets me shake and tremble,
Ignoring my appeal.
I’d love to slay this dragon,
To choke his every breath,
While drinking one more bottle,
Or tripping on my meth.
But drugs are just the symbols,
Of troubles deep inside,
They simply fuel the turmoil,
Of things I’d like to hide.
This hell will soon be over,
My secret’s come to pass,
Just one more shot or needle,
I’m sure this is my last.
Photo courtesy NY Daily News 
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Releasing a Predator – Lion or Douglas Badger

Jan 12

My thoughts on releasing repeat offending sexual predators: The sexual predator that is about to be released in San Diego will follow a very expected course. I am a very forgiving person but I’m not stupid. Sometimes bad DNA takes over a person’s behavior and the only way to help that person is to confine that person. Not unlike the wild animal who has DNA designed to kill.

We can spend a lot of time calling Douglas Badger a creep and a freak but the one thing we know for sure is that he is an animal, like all of us.  But, he has slightly different DNA than most. His is designed to attack. I wouldn’t get into a cage with a natural born predator and we shouldn’t let them roam our neighborhoods either. The image of Douglas Badger is courtesy Fox News 5 San Diego. 


Releasing a Predator

When raising wild lions we’ve caught,Lioness with a bloody muzzle
Inside a steel-barred cage,
We calm him down, we feed him,
And ignore his inborn rage.
Not a rage that comes by simple choice,
But rage from DNA,
A rage that cannot be undone,
Or simply wished away.
Why are we shocked when lion’s strike,
And hurt the ones who care,
It’s in their cells to do these things,
We can’t be unaware.
Predators have a thing inside,
That cause surprise attacks,
Like felons hunting girls and boys,
To do horrendous acts.
 Sexual Predator Douglas Badger 300px
The predators of the human kind,
No different in their way,
They cannot stop from hunting though,
It’s in their DNA.
It’s why we lock these creatures up,
And keep them from their range,
One cannot stop a lion’s urge,
Or hope that he will change.
Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl 
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Invisible Heroes – The Plight of the Homeless Vet

Jan 03

Change Starts With Awareness

How is it that we can let our heroic veterans live homeless? What will it take for us to finally notice the plight of these American heroes? I was shooting photos in downtown San Diego recently and was amazed at how many homeless vets are struggling on our streets amidst the wealth and beauty of this thriving community. What can we do? Not sure. So I wrote this piece and put it to video. Change starts with awareness. Please share this wherever you can.

From this clip:

“Not wounded by enemies, from battles afar,

but by those dropping nickels in my jar.

To you – I’m invisible,

I’ve vanished from view,

have you ever considered that I – could be you?” 


Here is the text of the video script in a printable PDF. Share this – PLEASE!

Invisible Heroes Infographic.2pdf


Invisible Heroes 

I entered the service,
At the age of 19,
Thought I’d travel the world,
And live out my dream.

Homeless dispair no background

I made it through boot camp,
And two bloody wars,
Came home a hero,
Then pounded on doors.
Door after door,
Just to find a good job,
With no luck at all,
I felt like a slob.
No money for rent,
No food on the table,
I live on the streets,
Finding scraps where I’m able.
The pain that I feel,
In this dumpster’s cool shade,
Is much worse to me,
Than a single grenade.
Invisible to see,
No skin torn apart,

vet without legs no background

This pain has ripped open,
The soul of my heart.
I now beg on the street,
With cardboard display,
All my dignity gone,
As my teeth rot away.
Oh people are nice,
With a nickel or a dime,
I say, “God bless you sir,”
I say it each time.
Now I’m shackled by shame,
Are you listening to me?
I fought for this country,
So we all could be free.
Not wounded by enemies,
From battles afar,
But by those who don’t see me,
Dropping nickels in my jar.
To you – I’m invisible,
Soldier with flag knockoutI’ve vanished from view,
Have you ever considered,
That I – could be you?
I once was a hero,
And did what was right,
But now I’m an eye sore,
From morning ‘till night.
So that’s how I feel,
As I’m standing here still,
But this may surprise you,
I have no ill will.
I gave all for this country,
And I have no regrets,
So how do you feel?
When you see homeless vets?


Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl

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