Get Back on Track

Apr 08

The Little Engine That Could from Amaon

“The Little Engine That could,”
Was a story I read,
When I was a kid,
As Dad put me to bed.
That was a cute one,
But no longer applies,
To this chaotic world,
And our busiest lives.
I’ve got me some stress,
And kids of my own,
I’ve got a tough job,
To pay for this home.
But that “Little Engine That could,”
and his up-hill thinking,
Might help me adjust,
When my attitude’s stinking.
Maybe I can,
Maybe i will,
Shift these old thoughts,
And head straight up that hill!
I think I can, I think I can,
You know what I mean?
Start climbing for more,
And start living my dream!
Maybe I’m jaded,
My life’s too insane,
I should re-read that story,
of that cute little train.
That big-eyed little train,
In that silly little book,
Still talks to me,
‘Bout the track that I took.
So get back on your track,
Add some fire to your plan,
And just think of that engine,
And know that you can!
What did you learn as a child that you choose to ignore now? Time to revisit the past?  Graphic courtesy of You should go buy that book. 

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