No Grudges Did he Hold – A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Dec 09

 A young attorney fights for,
Beliefs he felt so strong,
His color caused him trouble,
For which he’d pay so long.
Apartheid was the problem,
A very ugly face,
It terrorizes colors,Nelson_Mandela-2008 Wikpedia
And separates the race.
This system of oppression,
Repressed all but a few,
This one refused submission,
There’s something that he knew.
He knew revenge was futile,
And violence would not pay,
For nearly three long decades,
They kept him locked away.
He chipped away at boulders,
While serving all those days,
His faith it never waivered,
To follow peaceful ways.
He left the prison boldly,
No grudges did he hold,
White prison guards beside him,
A sight we still behold.
He soon became the leader,
And freedom quickly spread,
He fathered new democracy,
Apartheid now is dead.
His legacy went global,
Respect went off the charts,
He brought together races,
He brought together hearts.
Mandela as a black man,
Had enemies that were white,
He showed us we can do this,
Our world can now unite.
Copyright 2013 Steve Dahl