Our Plastic Attraction

Nov 06

There’s hazardous material at the sushi bar,morgue file plastic2811238852158
There’s choking dolphins at the beach not far,
There’s a plastic bottle used once not more,
There’s a plastic gyre floating just off shore.


There’s a sea of change in our ways ahead,
There’s a plastic diet in birds found dead,
There’s a white Tsunami made of bottle caps,
There’s a need for change when you see the facts.


There’s a ton of trash floating out to sea,
There’s a poisonous cost when we let it be,
There’s a fee too high for this plastic attraction,CB036270
There’s a price we pay for our plastic inaction.


There’s a filthy ocean no longer clear,
There’s just no reason putting plastic in here,
There’s a choice we make every single day,
So please think twice before you throw it away.


A New Kind of Poetry

The amount of plastic floating out to sea from our trashy ways is not just ugly, it’s poisonous for all life. It’s getting worse every day. What will you do to stop contributing to this mess?

Copyright 2015